India McKellar

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Sheffield based singer and songwriter, India McKellar, for whom music has been the cornerstone of life for more than four decades, early on spun her craft as a pianist, an Irish harpist and more recently on guitar. While sitting squarely at the feet of her Laurel Canyon elders, India’s musical tendrils reach from Celtic traditional folk to progressive rock producing beautifully rendered, emotionally rewarding music. With traces of Joni Mitchell and Sarah McLachlan, her style is both haunting and assured, inquiring and informative. A storyteller as well as an accomplished musician, her narratives delve into the corners of life to create sound portraits, ruminating on themes of loss and nostalgia, love and regret, conjuring her audience into a spellbinding intimacy which remains unbroken throughout. 

Recently released EP, Sable, is a deftly woven suite of four songs, melding the delicate intricacy of her folk beginnings with the wealth of other influences amassed in the intervening years. 

She has a beautiful, crystal-clear voice...and the writing good enough to make you pay close attention. Recommended. Stirrings Magazine
A tender, flowing, haunting backdrop where her own guitar weaves deftly in and out of the delicate textures. Fatea Magazine

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